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Will To Survive

Someone has been drinking to much- trouble with his stummic. Itīs Tom Callaghans birthday. Chris Randall join the serie, the first thing she has to do is to remove Jim Spencers leg.

Trial By Gossip

Jim Spencer and George Baxter will take Chris to court becouse she removed Jims leg. David Gibson (Gibbo- the pilot) begins, Chris has nightmares.

Hot Enough For You

The Robinsson family has droven lost, theire child dies. Gibbo and Sharon hide Gibbos dog for Vic at the hotel.

Dreams Of Sand

Ron doesnīt got enough money to buy the garage. An old man doesnīt want to get ok, an he doesnīt want live at a house for older people.

Public Property

Joylene and Clive get married (doesnīt Bruce). Chris and Tom went for a swim. Theres a "run boat" race in Coopers Crossing.

Is Nothing Sacred

Someone comes to coopers Crossing to help the Aborigines.

Square Pegs

Hugh Pitts mum dies. Someone is stealing medecines as drugs.

Sins Of The Fathers

A surrogant mum wants her child who the real mother also wants. Ron gets hurt by a "bang". The "funny clohes" party. Chris and Tom is kissing.

Rally To The Cause

Emma join the serie. Itīs a race in town. Chrisīs meeting a french guy- Tom DOESN`T like it. The end is good.