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       1) Coming together.  
        This dramatic series about the exploits of a group of young law professionals begins as
        Egg, Warren, and Anna apply for jobs; Anna is surprised to find her old flame Miles on
        the interview panel.

        2) Happy Families.  
        Egg has trouble settling into his job; Anna defends Delilah, a drug addict charged with
        fraud; Egg dislikes Warren; Milly is put on the fast track to partnership. 

        3) Living Dangerously.  
        Delilah has bulimia; Egg is given an absorbing case; Delilah's friend Truelove needs
        money for a drug debt. 

        4) Sex, Lies, and Muesli Yoghurt.  
        Delilah is causing havoc for everyone but Miles; Warren's cousin Kira fishes for a better
        job at the firm; Egg thinks his job is at risk; Anna's freelance work dries up. 

        5) Fantasy Football.  
        Egg is depressed; Miles tries to make up for the Delilah fiasco; Milly has a divorce client
        who wants to pay his wife more than she's asking. 

       6) Family Outing.  
        Kira begins to realize that Warren is gay; Anna is broke; Milly is disturbed by Egg's
        laziness; Miles tries to get off a fraud case by pleading conflict of interest. 

        7) Brief Encounter.  
        Milly's frustration with Egg reaches a peak; Miles confronts his father; Anna gets drunk
        with Jo and they sleep together; Warren deals with a client whose wife has had a lesbian

        8) Cheap Thrills.  
        Jo lets his resentment out on Anna at work. After a fight with Milly, Egg looks for a
        part-time job. Egg's father Jerry comes for a surprise visit, but has something on his

        9) Just Sex.  
        Warren is propositioned by a handsome courier; Milly spends more time with her
        associate O'Donnell and less time with Egg; and Egg goes to a job centre. 

        10) Father Figure.  
        Milly is impressed by how O'Donnell defends himself in a scuffle; Anna and Gerry
        enjoy being together; Egg becomes more agitated about Milly; Miles defends a flasher. 

        11) Let's Get it On.  
        Egg accuses Milly of having an affair with O'Donnell; Anna and Jerry have a wild night
        out; and a drug dealer puts Anna in an difficult position professionally. 


1) Last tango in Southwark. "The morning after the party the night before, everyone's waking up to the meaning of love. In the first of a second series, Miles and Anna - gasp - finally get it together, but was it just another one-night stand, or what? Either way, Gerry (Egg's dad and Anna's ex) figures he can't bear the agony of young free love and decides it's time to move out of their Southwark Bridge chambers. At least the therapy's working a treat for Egg and Milly, whose woefully mismatched relationship insists on dragging on for a little longer after an unforgettable night before. The real lovebirds, Anna and Miles, are meanwhile caught in that annoying madly-in-love-but-too-scared-to-admit-it scene, and you're left wishing they would just get on with it." (Apala Chowdhury, The Guardian) 2) Guess who's coming to dinner? Anna and Miles clash when they are assigned to the same case, Egg finds a new outlet for his talents and Kira suffers a setback. 3) The bi who came in from the cold. Miles learns that sex always has strings attached, while the House gets used to Ferdy. 4) How to get in bed by advertising. Ferdy's presence continues to disturb Warren ("He's playing games with me only I don't think he realises"), whilst Miles' Talking Hearts advert nets him more than he expects, or can handle. His blatant dislike of homosexuals also causes problems. 5) Small town boyo. Warren finds that, after his cottaging episode, he needs Ferdy more than he thought. 6) Unusual suspects. "While the newly unemployed Warren decides whether to blow his wad (his savings, silly) on a foreign binge or simply invest it, Anna begins preparing his case. With the scene set for a Philadelphia-esque courtroom defence of a man's right to both practise law and have sex in public places, Anna and Miles continue to trade smouldering hard stares across the office. Egg, meanwhile, is having a lot of fun frying up the protein food of the same name in his new restaurant job - mainly because of his considerable 'kinship' with football-mad workmate Nicki. No prizes for guessing what those two are cooking." (Ross Jones, The Guardian) 7) He's leaving home. Warren finally finishes therapy, and after failing to get an entry visa for America (he's a major international sex criminal), heads off on an alternative world tour. But who gets his room? 8) Room with a queue. Warren's room is empty. The phone begins to ring. Running the gamut of leg-warmer-wearers to City fans, not forgetting Ferdy (although Miles wilfully does), the queue must be shortened. 9) Men behaving sadly. "The best soap on the box continues at breakneck (some may say nauseating) speed. Ferdy's finally ensconced in that room, which results in Rachel moping about awkwardly for most of the episode. Still, at least she's got an after-work drink with the predatory Miles to look forward to, if his spot doesn't get in the way. Milly and Egg's relationship starts to feel the strain as he comes over all paternal with Nicki's kid at the café, and Anna, sick of the chauvinisitc baiting at the office, has a heart-to-heart chat about the male member with an obliging lesbian solicitor. Riveting stuff." (Richard Jordan, The Guardian) 10) When the dope comes in. "These people may live in the only household in Britain to still have Portishead in heavy rotation, but boring they're not. Milly is still teetering on the verge of an affair with unlikely ladies' man O'Donnell, and has a crisis of conscience when he asks her to accompany him on a conference in Paris (even Anna has the good sense to tell her not to go). Rachel, quite the most queasily reprehensible character ever to grace your TV screen, instantly seizes the opportunity and starts flashing her midriff every time he walks by. Ferdy, meanwhile, fresh from trashing his ex's boyfriends' BMW buys a huge chunk of dope, which Miles and Egg have the good sense to start enjoying just as the police come calling: Cheech & Chong fans will love the bleary-eyed physical comedy set-piece that follows. Not that Miles finds it funny, of course..." (Ross Jones, The Guardian) 11) She's gotta get it. "Is Miles the biggest jerk ever to pass his bar exams? This is saying something, but consider the evidence: after discovering that Anna's steady succession of briefs has been coming from a letchy lesbian, he decides to tell all who'll listen that she's batting for both teams, and bombards her with hysterical Sapphic asides like, 'Going to play tennis?' . Over lunch with dad and his new fiancée, he tries it on with her and then announces a boycott of the wedding; and he still isn't treating the perpetually confused Ferdy with the respect he deserves. Milly is no better, pouting furiously because O'Donnell and Rachel are conferring in Paris, and punishing Egg for coming home drunk (which seems to be the only way to come home in this show). And Kira, ever the entertainer, is giving Kelly the silent treatment for throwing herself at Jo, but not before presenting her with a Post-It note decorated with the words 'Liar Slag Big Fat Bitch' " (Ross Jones, The Guardian) 12) The plumber always rings twice. ...unless, of course, it's Miles who lets him in. But Ferdy takes the real interest: Milly (along with everyone else) just wants the boiler fixed. Miles, meanwhile, is busy throwing all the suspicion he can muster in the direction of his father, who announces he's marrying someone half his age. Will he stay away from the wedding despite all the pressure that Anna, Egg and Milly can muster? 13) Wish you were queer. "This week's big questions: will Anna land a job on a high-profile case in spite of her inability to sleep with Sarah (snogging in a crowded pub, though, doesn't appear to be a problem)? Will Miles manage to have a conversation about architecture after Ferdy has shoved gallons of tequila down his gullet at Egg's Tex-Mex evening? Will Milly be able to make it through the evening without smacking the insipid smirk off Rachel 's face? And lastly, will Egg ever figure out why Milly is putting in so many long hours?" (Ross Jones, The Guardian) 14) Who's that girl. Miles' choice of girlfriend pleasantly surprises his housemates; Lenny turns up again, and Kira and Jo's blossoming romance seems doomed thanks to an unfortunate incident involving Ferdy's room, Milly's condoms, and a faliure to meet BS 3704. 15) From here to maternity. "Safe, predictable Milly, always fretting about the arrangement of felt tips on her desk, decides to live a little. Egg, meanwhile, hatches a plan to buy the lease for the cafe and apply some safety and predictablility to his life. But his dreams of selling all-day bruschetta from Southwark needs a £10,000 backer. Moneybags Miles would fork out, but he's got to save up for his first marriage. A shotgun wedding is just what Jo doesn't need when his own Spice Girl Kira might be pregnant after his condom disappeared last time. But does he have the balls to buy the pregnancy-test kit? Anna finally convinces Graham she's cool-headed enough to handle her first big case, but a family tragedy threatens her best-kept secret: the truth about the real Anna." (Apala Chowdhury, The Guardian) 16) One bedding and a funeral. "Fresh meat in the house this week, for Egg's 15-year-old brother (Mini-Egg?) has come to visit. At first it looks like Anna might outdo herself and become the tykes' very own Mrs. Robinson, but she's sadly preoccupied with boycotting her mother's funeral. Enter office trollop Kelly, who corner the boy in Anna's room with the immortal line, 'It's all right: I'm a virgin too.' Milly and sleazy O'Donnell are still attacking each other's briefs with gusto, and almost come a cropper with the cleaner. Kira, meanwhile, finds a couple of uses for her suspected pregnancy, namely escaping photocopying duties and dumping Jo. Action-packed, but a disappointing week for fans of Ferdy's wang." (Ross Jones, The Guardian) 17) The secret of my excess. Finally it happens. Miles and Anna get it together. But Miles is still a bastard towards Ferdy (even when he thinks he's being funny) and Anna turns to some Class A's for comfort. Both should be hanging offences, but it's Anna who (almost) gets the boot from Chambers, and who draws out Hooperman's most private secret. Graham, of course, refuses to see the funny side. 18) Diet hard. Nothing goes to plan, this week: Anna's AA meeting, the caff''s opening night, even Milly's therapy. No-one, especially Miles, gets what they wanted. In Miles' case it involves a nicely-bloodied nose. 19) Milly liar. Milly thinks she's come up trumps, blissfully unaware a little white lie is about to back-fire in spectacular fashion when she panics. Miles gets thrown when Francesca asks him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and despite him winning the case on which Anna did so much work, she refuses to celebrate with him. 20) Secrets and wives. Miles and Milly are still unable to achieve any sort of satisfaction. Not only is Miles' stag night ruined when no-one except Jo and the house members turn up, but Ferdy manages to exact a sweet and priceless revenge a) by getting him to ring Lenny to patch things up (even though nothing had fallen apart in the first place!) and b) forcing him to get out of bed, naked, with Ferdy watching. For someone like Miles, who's been through "sexual paranoia" at public school, it's the ultimate punishment. Meanwhile, Milly's lot goes from bad to worse. Not only, it seems, is O'Donnell behaving like the complete and utter bastard he is, but the large clear bottles which were ever so fond of Anna have now taken a fancy to her, and Egg knows something's up. The wedding happens in the last episode of the series. Or does it? 21) Apocalypse wow. This is the episode where everything happens. The fuses have been lit over the past twenty weeks, and now we can sit back and enjoy the fireworks. The morning of Miles' nuptuals, and Milly's reeling from her previous evening's vodka bender. Anna refuses to tell Miles how she feels. The wedding happens, and oh what a wedding: all the shit hits the fan here, including the thing between Milly and Rachel. And Milly and Egg. Ferdy's invited Lenny to the reception, and his decision to wear a kilt comes in very... handy.