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My mum´s name is Lena Yllö Carlund and she is a social worker at school. Mum love dance music and dancing. She likes clothes, working and to run too. She´s born 1950-05-08.

My Father!

My dad´s name is Lars-olof Carlund and he´s a teacher who teach people from different country´s to speak swedish. He´s born 1946-05-11 and likes boats and to sleep.


Maria is my litle sister. She´s 12 years old and a realy good friend too. She´s riding at the same stable as me and at the same day. She likes horses, dogs, guineapigs, music, her room, candy, movies and tv series


Olof is my litle brother. He´s 9 yeras old and nice sometimes and stupid sometimes. He likes to play football, watching tv, candy and more things.

Rocky and Tigertärna!

ROCKY: He´s my litle dog. he´s a 3 years old "jack russel terrier". He loves to bark, go out and sleep. TIGERTÄRNA: Tiggis as I we call her is a guineapig at 6 years old. She likes food. Tiggis mother was my other guinea pig "stjärna", but sh´s dead now.